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kryle ringelnatter fortifications denmark

infos: Kryle-Ringelnatter fortifications

Urban Tristesse

Walk around town

Ohlsdorf Cemetery

camera: Leica M4-P lens: M-Rokkor 40mm f2.0 film: Ilford HP5 Iso 400 developer: Rodinal R09, 50+1 11min@20c enjoy 🙂

Walk around Eisenach 04/2012

walking around Eisenach, the town where i was born, April 2012. camera: Nikon FE2 with 28mm f/2.8 film: Schlecker AS Fotoland ISO 200 (cheap drugstore film) enjoy 🙂

Painting with Light

some grainy stuff is waiting for you …. so i finally got around to develop some film that was sitting on my table for one year now. it took the pictures in december… Continue reading

Hamburg Dome – The Show is Over

Hamburg Dome and what’s left after the show is over …. camera: Fuji X10

Random Hamburg

Heiligendamm, Ostsee

Random Hamburg